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If you've already made the decision to use cloth nappies then you don't need us to tell you what the advantages are, if you're still mulling it over then we just have this to say...

Disposable nappies contribute up to 4% of the UK's annual landfill waste. No one really knows how long it takes for a disposable nappy to biodegrade - they've only existed for 20 years or so and it hasn't happened yet! Estimates range from 50 to 200 years and that's before you seal it up in a nappy sack and a bin bag.

As well as the impact on the environment, disposables are expensive. The average premium brand disposable nappy costs around 17p. Say you use around 6-8 nappies a day, that's around 8.50 a week... for two and a half years. We did the sums - that's 1100! It's possible to buy cloth nappies, wraps and the necessary accessories for around 300 - a lot less if you use simple terry nappies or opt for a cheaper prefold system. Even allowing for detergent, electricity for washing and wear and tear on your machine you'll save a considerable amount of money using cloth nappies - and let's not forget that cloth nappies can be used for your next baby too...

Disposable nappies contain chemical gels that soak up moisture to help keep your baby dry. Obviously a certain level of safety testing has to be carried out before products containing chemicals can be made available to the public but we're not sure we like the idea of potentially harsh chemicals being that close to our babies bottoms.

Right, that's the sermon over - and hopefully we're preaching to the converted anyway!

We've broken the advice down into manageable chunks (we hope!) as we know from experience that once you start looking for information on getting started with cloth nappies you'll feel overwhelmed and possibly none the wiser... If you still feel like that after you've read our advice then of course feel free to email or phone us for some more personal help. Our details are in the 'contact' section of the site.