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A list of common terms with simple descriptions/definitions...

AIO - all-in-one - a nappy that has an integral waterproof layer so doesn't need a wrap

AI2 - all-in-two - a cloth nappy and wrap that fasten together so there is one piece to put on the baby, but can separate in the wash for better cleaning and faster drying

aplix - a brand of 'hook and loop' fastening like Velcro but softer

binding - the fabric used around the legs and waist of wraps

booster - a separate shaped pad made from several layers of terry or cotton that adds absorbency to any nappy for night time etc.

brushed cotton - soft cotton that has a slightly fluffy feel

BTP or B2P - birth-to-potty - nappies that are designed to fit a newborn and a toddler using poppers or velcro/aplix to size down

burley knit terry - soft stretchy short pile terry fabric - Mother-ease nappies are made of this type of terry

cross-over tab - a velcro or aplix tab that allows you to fasten the waist of the nappy with a cross-over section in the middle for a small baby

dry pail - storing soiled nappies in a bucket with no water or soaking solution

fleece - 100% polyester fabric that is used as a liner or as the inner for some nappies (pocket style etc.) as it doesn't absorb moisture it acts as a stay dry layer next to baby's skin

girth - the width of a nappy - i.e. the waist measurement

laundry tab - an extra piece of aplix or velcro that enables you to conceal the hook part of the aplix/velcro to avoid it catching on loopy fabrics in the wash

liner - A disposable paper, or reusable fleece insert that makes it easier to deal with soiling or keeps the skin dry

long loop terry - like bath towel terry - nappies like Nature Babies Big Softies are made of this

microfibre - a man-made fabric often sold as super absorbent cleaning cloths or miracle dusters that can be used in a pocket style nappy

nappi nippa - the nappy pin for the 21st century - a 3-way gripper that keeps nappies fastened

nappy mesh - a drawstring mesh laundry bag that is used inside a bucket to make it easier to transfer soiled nappies to the washing machine

prefold - the US equivalent of our terry square - a rectangular pad with 3 panels that is pad-folded inside a snug wrap

PUL - polyurethane laminate - a breathable yet waterproof coating that makes wraps & pocket /all-in-one style nappies waterproof

rise - the length of a nappy - usually measured from the waist at the back to the waist at the front

wet pail - storing soiled nappies in a bucket with water or a soaking solution

wool soaker - the US term for a wool wrap that is knitted and usually pulls on (rather than fastening with poppers or velcro)

wrap - a waterproof cover that is used over a cloth nappy to keep wetness inside