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Choosing wraps

If you're using any of the fitted nappies you'll also need a waterproof wrap over the top to keep the wet in. It's not usually necessary to wash the wrap with every nappy change, unless it has become soiled from a leaky nappy so you should be able to manage with around 4/5 wraps. A lot of people have two wraps on the go at a time, airing one while the other is being worn and then switching at each change during the day.

Our most popular wraps for normal day time use are made from PUL - polyurethane laminate - a very soft breathable material that allows air to circulate while keeping the moisture away from your babies clothes.

These are available in several styles, either with gusseted leg-holes or simple integrated elasticated legs and fastening with Velcro/Aplix or poppers. They are all available in a range of sizes taking your baby from newborn through to toddler.

In addition to the PUL wraps there are also fleece and wool wraps available. These are often used as 'night time' wraps as they are incredibly soft as well as being very water resistant. It may seem strange that fleece and wool would provide a suitable water proof cover for a nappy - especially at night when it's likely your baby will have a nappy on for longer between changes but both the natural wool and the synthetic polyester fleece provide a lovely cosy barrier to wet getting through onto clothes and bedding.

Wool wraps require washing with special wool care soap but even though this may seem like added hassle they actually don't require washing very frequently (unless soiled) and can usually simply be aired during the day. They also benefit from occasional treatment with a lanolin based wool cure to aid their water resistant properties.

Fleece can seem bulky but is very soft and cosy for night time and dries incredibly quickly so you can wash and dry during the day ready for the next night.

The choice between Velcro/Aplix fastenings and poppers is a personal one - to some degree Velcro/Aplix gives more room for adjustment, however, wraps that have poppers at the leg and waist (such as the Mother-ease Airflow) can be extremely versatile for babies that don't conform to the waist and leg size 'norm'! Also, it may be worth bearing in mind that some babies can be sensitive to Velcro/Aplix.