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A selection of kits designed to make purchasing your favourite nappies easier (and cheaper!)..

Choosing and buying cloth nappies can be a time consuming process. With this in mind we've put together some simple cloth nappy kits that give you an idea of what's available without spending a fortune.

Some of these kits are designed and packaged by the manufacturer in various combinations of size, style and colour. Please note that we can't alter the kit contents.

We've also put together some kits of our own, containing a selection of our favourite nappies and wraps and designed to give you a 'taste' of the different styles, types & brands before you buy in bulk.

Our kits are grouped together as follows:
- Incentive kits - these kits are priced to suit the most common values of nappy vouchers offered by local authorities;
- Kittykins Kits - unique kits designed by us, to give you a selection of products to get you started, based on our own experience of which products work well together;
- Branded kits - these are kits designed by some of our manufacturers, and as they are usually boxed or presented in a gift bag they make beautiful gifts for new parents.

Please note - we will happily exchange/refund kit items that are faulty but we are unable to exchange items purchased as part of a kit for any other reason.