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kittykins nappy kits

Designed to give you a taste of the different nappy types and styles available, these simple kits help you to make up your mind whether you like Aplix or poppers, sized nappies or birth-to-potty nappies, pockets or All-in-ones etc. etc.

The kits in this section have all been designed by Kittykins - you won't find these elsewhere. We also stock a range of "branded" nappy kits that our manufacturers have put together, and these are listed separately.

We offer 3 types of nappy kits:

Trial Kits - typically containing less than 5 nappies, these kits are intended to give you an introduction to a specific type (eg pocket, all in one) or brand of nappy. Not enough for a full day, but enough to give you a taster. Ideal choices for gifts.

Starter Kits - typically containing enough nappies for an average day, starter kits may also have a mix of brands and styles to give you a better taster of what's available.

Full Time Kits - containing at least 15 nappies and associated bits and bobs, allowing you to use cloth nappies full time, without the fuss of having to locate all the things you need around the website.

Easy to order, delivered with instructions for use and care and all priced to save you money too - this is an ideal way to spend your council real nappy voucher!

It couldn't be easier...

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trial kits - easy newborn nappies
Containing 4 of our slimmest, cutest nappies, all designed to fit babies from as small as 5-6lbs - an ideal choice for a baby shower or new baby gift.

As the name suggests, these nappies are all really easy to use too, making them a great choice for busy new parents, and those who are new to washable nappies.

Each kit contains the following products:
Tots Bots Teenyfit - all in one nappy with aplix fastening, quick drying and so easy to use, fits up to 12lbs;
Kissaluvs Newborn AIO Nappy - a snap fastening all in one nappy with a fold down front to protect the umbilical area, fits up to 15lbs;
Thirsties Duo All in One Nappy - a super slim all in one nappy, fits up to around 16lbs and is quick drying;
Charlie Banana X-Small - a tiny pocket nappy designed for tiny babies from 5-10lbs, popper fastening.
A handful of flushable liners, to get you started, and our handy sheet of nappy tips will also be included.

Choose from the following colour choices:
Unisex - suitable for boys or girls, including at least one white nappy.
Boy - a selection of plain and prints particularly suitable for boys.
Girl - a range of plain and prints for girls.

Save 10% against the cost of ordering these items individually!
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