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which nappy?

The two questions we are asked most often by parents who have made the decision to use cloth nappies are, "which nappy is best?" and "how many nappies do I need to buy?". Both those questions have a multitude of answers that are dependent on your particular circumstances and we've provided as much advice and as detailed product descriptions as we can throughout the site to help you make these decisions but it can still be a very daunting task! So, we've tried to make it a little simpler with two interactive tools that give you on the spot advice based on YOUR INDIVIDUAL circumstances...

'Narrow your choice' asks four simple questions and then suggests a couple of nappies that might be a suitable starting point. You can then adjust your answers and get new suggestions instantly. It's simple and it's quick and it won't overwhelm you with a list of products you need to buy to get started, just suggest two nappies that may be a good starting point based on the answers you gave, what could be easier! Don't forget, they are just suggestions so if you've got your heart set on something else why not just get one to try?

'How many nappies?' calculates the number of nappies you'll need to get by based on your washing routine, your drying facilities and routine and the age of your baby. It's intended as a rough guide but will give you an idea of how many nappies you'll need to make budgeting and decision making a little bit easier...

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