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Unless you're using 'all-in-one' nappies you'll need something waterproof to go over the top of the cloth part...

The wraps we stock are organised according to their sizing - either One Size, or Sized. One Size wraps are made in a single adjustable size to fit babies of a wide age range, while Sized wraps come in different sizes to give the best fit at each stage. We have listed Fleece and Wool wraps separately to make them easier to locate. Each material is suited to a different situation or personal preference all of which are outlined on the wraps pages. If you're not sure what you need there's more information and help over in the advice section.

As with the nappies, the wraps fasten with either aplix/velcro or poppers and have different levels of 'breathability' and degrees of 'adjustability'. The star ratings should help identify the best wrap for you.

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