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Fleece makes for a very soft, comfortable wrap and although fleece is not inherently waterproof it is ultra absorbent and great for night time use.

How do fleece wraps work? Although fleece wraps have no waterproof layer the fleece effectively stops wet getting through. In addition to acting as a water resistant barrier, because fleece is breathable and therefore lets lots of air circulate around the nappy, the nappy inside should acutally be less wet than the same nappy inside a PUL wrap.

The good air circulation is great for the skin and you won't find a hint of sweatiness or overheating with either fleece or wool wraps when used overnight - even in excess of 12 hours!

Because the wraps work by slow evaporation and air circulation they do need to be a roomy fit to work at their best. Tight clothes, pyjamas or sleepsuits poppered tightly under the crotch can all cause 'compression wicking', pulling wet through the fleece as it is squashed against the wet nappy inside.

Having a wrap that is too big is always preferable to a tight one and as long as the legs and waist are a reasonably snug fit you shouldn't get leaks even if the wrap is quite loose through the body.



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nature babies - fleece multiwrap
This is the only fleece wrap we stock that has integral leg gussets for supreme performance.

It comprises two layers of great quality micro fleece with a good range of leg and waist poppers to allow maximum adjustment.

Perfect for night time use (the usual fleece 'compression wicking' caveats apply!)

Cream is discontinued.
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